Questions To Ask Workers Comp Lawyer

If you think you’re not getting all the compensation you deserve after a workplace injury or accident, you should start looking for a workers’ comp lawyer.

You will find that many workers’ compensation attorneys will give you a free initial consultation.

While it sounds like a good deal, you need to be careful and know what questions to ask during the initial consultation.

When you know how to ask the right questions, you’ll get more information and build a better relationship with someone you trust to take care of you and your case.

Keep reading if you want to know what questions to ask workers comp lawyer.

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What Questions To Ask Workers Comp Lawyer Before Hiring

Following questions to ask workers comp lawyer during and after your first consultation with him:

1. Do I Need a Lawyer?

Not all cases of workers will require legal assistance. In some cases, the lawyers assistance is not compulsory.

If you submit your claim and accept it without any problems, it is not necessary to hire a lawyer.

A good lawyer will tell you.

On the other hand, you will need a lawyer if your claim is denied or continues to exist.

2. What Is Your Experience Handling Workers’ Compensation Cases?

It is important that you choose the best lawyer in the field of work to guarantee the best result for you and your loved ones. To do this, you need to find a lawyer with experience in workers compensation.

Finding the best worker comp lawyer with decades of experience is less important if they haven’t already dealt with a business case. Find a lawyer who focuses his energy and expertise on workers claims for compensation.

A workers compensation lawyer with extensive experience in these cases will know all the gaps, business fraud and knowledge needed to deal with insurance companies and third parties.

This is especially important if you feel nervous and concerned about the legitimacy or consequences of your claim.

3. Have You Represented Someone With A Case Similar To Mine?

The compensation case of every worker is unique.

The type of injury where it occurs and how it affects your body are all decisive factors.

Other important factors are how the employer handles the complaint and how the paperwork is submitted.

You want to find someone who solves similar workers comp cases to yours.

A good lawyer will be able to check the details of your claim and tell you if he has similar cases.

4. Do You Personally Handle Workers’ Comp Cases?

It’s one of the lawyer’s questions that you don’t feel good about, but it’s important that you ask it.

You can find a workers compensation lawyer who only deals with workers compensation claims and even has extensive experience with clients and cases like you.

But if they hand over your case to a junior lawyer, does it all matter? Find a lawyer who will assure you that they will solve your case themselves – and you can support them.

Also find out what compensation they receive for their clients.

5. What Benefits Am I Entitled To From Workers’ Compensation?

As part of workers’ compensation, you may be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Lost wages
  • Continuing care
  • Job retraining (if necessary)
  • Disability (whether partial or permanent)
  • Any medical rehabilitation expenses and prescriptions

After explaining your case to a workers comp lawyer, you can ask if you are eligible for these benefits. This is one of the important questions to ask workers comp lawyer.

6. How Much Do You Charge?

Before you hire a workers comp lawyer to handle your case, you need to see how much money they charge.

Most of the time, salaried lawyers today are paid on time.

In other words, need to pay a percentage of the total settlement payment.

State law governs how employee “attorney” fees are paid.

Almost all states require emergency bills for workers comp cases.

Most states also set maximum percentages, usually between 10% and 20%.

It is important to keep in mind that employees who know about experienced attorneys may pay higher fees than employees who do not know about less experienced attorneys.

7. How Long Have You Been Practicing Law?

Knowing how much knowledge a lawyer can give you is how much experience a person has.

Ask specific questions about personal injury or employee compensation.

It is always possible that the lawyer started elsewhere, and the experience does not affect anything.

If your workers comp case is straightforward, being selected as a new associate will not be a problem.

However, if you have a difficult request, you may want to seek someone with more experience.

8. What Is Your Success Rate?

You don’t have to spend eternity beating lawyers capable of their past successes and failures.

But need to know the true sense of success rate for workers comp cases.

A wise lawyer should consider these questions.

So it’s a good idea if you share a ballpark for a success rate versus asking questions.

There is no right or wrong answer, but there is no doubt that higher success is a better indicator of performance and potential than lower performance.

9. Will My Case Go To A Hearing?

It is difficult for a lawyer to tell you in advance whether your case must go to court to be heard by a judge.

However, if your lawyer has already begun negotiations with the claims manager, this information may be more transparent.

If more information is available, your lawyer will be able to advise you once your claim has been submitted to the hearing.

In general, lawyers will endeavor to avoid a hearing by considering a reasonable arrangement.

10. Will I Have Access To My Attorney And Any Information That Relates To My Case?

Some lawyers treat their clients like mushrooms and think they should leave them in the dark between meetings.

While it’s true that lawyers can’t always focus on your case, you need to know that you can tell them if it’s important and that you have access to all the information they collect.

The ability to communicate directly with your lawyer is important to you and them.

11. Who Pays For Litigation Costs?

The details are well printed in every attorney’s fee agreement and are not always nice.

Before concluding a contract with a lawyer, make sure that you are fully aware of the costs of litigation.

12. Will I Need to Pay Upfront for Legal Representation?

Injury lawyers usually do not require compensation in advance. Instead, they usually work for part of your settlement. If you do not win your case, the lawyer will not get paid.

13. If I’m Cleared for Light-Duty, Should I Go Back to Work?

If you are honest with your doctor about the size of your injuries and agree that you can return for light duty, you should give it a try.

But keep in mind that you do not want your injury to get worse.

You only need to keep track of the types of tasks your doctor thinks you are ready for.

Your workplace is required by law to reasonably comply with your restrictions when you return to work.

If they refuse, it is important to talk to a lawyer immediately.

14. Can I Get Fired for Filing a Workers Compensation Claim?

No, you will not be fired for applying for compensation of employees.

It is against the law to fire you from your employer because you have filed a lawsuit or suffered an accident at work.

If your employer dismisses you after filing a lawsuit, you should talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

You may have reasons to close the case incorrectly.

15. Should I Sue My Employer?

If you are entitled to employee compensation, you will probably be prohibited from suing your employer, except in certain limited circumstances.

When you make a workers comp claim, you support the formal process that is already in place for your employer for situations involving accidents and accidents at work.

For example, there are complications with a third party who is not with your employer. In such a case, the lawyer should, if necessary, provide instructions before bringing an action.

16. How can I contact you if I have questions?

If you return to the previous question, you want to make sure you have direct contact with your lawyer if you have any questions or problems.

It is common for lawyers to communicate with clients via email, phone calls and even text messages to request an email and phone number. This is another important questions to ask workers comp lawyer if you want to contact them in urgent.

17. How Long Do I Have to File My Workers’ Comp Claim?

There is a law of restrictions in every state.

This arrangement is the time window after the date of your accident.

In Louisiana, the limitation period is one to three years, and you have 30 days to report your injury to your employer.

In some states it may be two years, in others even longer.

18. Will I Work Directly With You Throughout The Case?

Once you get some answers about the prices, the benefits you may be entitled to, and how long you can expect the process, you will want to ask your lawyer, who is your primary point of contact throughout the process.

Depending on the size of the business and the number of key employees who work there, you will not always be directly connected to a main lawyer.

While a lawyer will do the most work for your case, there are times when you can work directly with a member, such as a trainee or employee.

19. Do You Have Experience Taking Cases to Court?

Complaints of workers comp are in most cases settled amicably.

However, if the proposed settlement amount in your estimate is not reasonable, filing a lawsuit may be the next logical step to find the right compensation.

If you yourself have one chance to hear your case in court, then you want to make sure that your lawyer has extensive experience in dealing with cases in court.

He does not have to be a dedicated lawyer in court proceedings, but he must have enough experience and confidence to try to bring cases to court.

20. How Long Until I See The Money?

The most important question in your mind is absolute financial compensation and how long it will take to get your money.

Unfortunately, there is no way to say for sure how long the process will take from start to finish.

An experienced workers comp lawyer should provide you with the estimated timeline based on the details of your case.

21. What Should I Tell My Doctor?

Injured workers should seek medical attention to determine the severity and extent of the injury.

If you ask a potential fellow lawyer what details your doctor will give you during the initial consultation, there is only one correct answer: the reality.

22. What Issues or Difficulties Do You See With My Case?

In any case, there should be unexpected problems and difficulties.

An experienced lawyer can notify you in advance of any matters relating to the details of your case.

If your lawyer tells you that your case will go smoothly and there will be no problems, this should be a warning sign.

There is nothing easy or simple in the law.

The US legal system is very complex and no two cases are exactly alike.

23. Do You Have Any References?

If you ask your potential lawyer about his or her past performance and success rate, but you are not yet convinced, ask for a few new testimonials or references from previous clients.

When you apply for legal representation because of a complaint from your employee, you want to choose a professional who is willing to work with people.

Orientation in the legal system is always stressful, so choosing a partner with empathy and a thoughtful bedside approach can be crucial.

24. When Should I Go Back to Work?

Let’s say your injury in the workplace has caused you to lose a few days’ work, maybe more, or you have temporary disability benefits and you don’t know when you can properly return to your previous position.

In that case, it’s natural to think about when you can expect to return to work.

An workers compensation lawyer can intervene and help you make the right decision that matches your ideal recovery path and your future job opportunities.

A lawyer will help you resolve conflicting restrictions or disproportionate demands from your employer when it comes down to it.

25. How Will I Know When to Settle My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

There is no right or wrong time to settle.

However, your lawyer should have the prior relevant knowledge and experience needed to estimate a reasonable settlement amount and provide guidance when there is an opportunity to seek a better offer.

In addition, your lawyer can help you decide which type of settlement is best for you, whether it is a lump sum settlement, a structured settlement, or a compromise and release payment.

26. Does It Matter That The Injury Was My Fault?

You may feel that your claim is not supported by the damage you have caused. Or you may not be guilty, but there is no way to prove who is really guilty.

It does not matter. A mistake can only damage your case if you fight or act disproportionately and exaggeratedly – for example, when you are drunk.

Why you should hire an Workers Comp Lawyer?

There are many reasons why you should hire an workers comp lawyer for your case.

The first work comp cases are complicated and require you to have a good understanding of the law to navigate.

Then again, you’ll need someone with bargaining skills to make sure you get the maximum compensation for your case.

However, hiring an inexperienced attorney for your case is like not having one at all.

Therefore, you must be careful when choosing who will present you in your settlement requests.

Getting the right attorneys will depend on the type of questions you ask when advising on your claim.

Final Thoughts

Employees never think about going to work and suffering an accident at work. But we all know that accidents happen all the time.

When it comes to accidents at work, you need to know what to do. After you have been medically treated, you need to find a lawyer who will best represent you.

These 26 questions to ask workers comp lawyer should give you a good understanding of how to claim compensation for your work related injury and what next steps you will take. Keep in mind that the lawyer you meet may not provide you with legal advice until you have established a relationship between the lawyer and the client.


  1. What is workers compensation?

    Workers Compensation is a type of insurance that provides cash and medical benefits to workers who are injured during the scope of their work.

  2. What are the responsibilities of workers comp lawyer?

    The workers comp lawyer will communicate with your employee insurance company, gather medical evidence to support your claim, try to negotiate a proper settlement, and represent you in your employee settlement.


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